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Ace Breakers | Scrap My Car Gravesend

Scrap My Car Kent & SE London – Scrap Car Collection

We are a local scrap metal merchant and Authorized Treatment Facility (ATF) situated in Gravesend, Kent. Our specialization lies in scrap vehicle recovery across Kent and the surrounding areas, including all of South East London. In addition to scrap cars, we also buy and sell both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Cut Out the Middleman and Deal Direct

Unlike larger scrap car agencies found on the internet, we believe in dealing directly with our clients. By doing so, we eliminate the middleman and can provide our customers with more accurate price quotes, which are typically higher than what they might receive from similar scrap car comparison websites. We take pride in accepting vans as well at our Kent metal recycling facility.

£30 Extra for Alloy Wheels

As one of the very few companies, we offer an additional £30 if your car comes with alloy wheels. This extra incentive allows you to get more for your scrap car if it includes these valuable components.

Scrap Car Collection Charges

We understand that the cost of collecting your scrap car is a factor to consider. To address this, we have a sliding scale for collection charges, which depend on your proximity to our Kent scrapyard. Our free, online scrap car quote system automatically calculates the collection cost based on the postcode you provide. If your location falls within Kent or South East London, you can see the difference in price for collection compared to delivering the scrap car to our Kent scrapyard yourself.

How We Calculate the Scrappage Price

Unlike some companies that base their car scrappage quotes solely on the weight of the vehicle in kilograms, we take a different approach. Our scrap car quote generator considers not only the weight but also the value of certain components within the car. For example, if your car contains a higher-value catalytic converter, we’ll offer you a better price than simply assessing it based on weight alone. This approach allows us to provide our clients with the best possible price when they decide to scrap their car.

Cash Payments for Scrap Cars

Due to changes in legislation, paying cash directly for scrap cars in Kent is not permitted. As a result, we offer immediate payment in the form of a cheque or bank transfer instead. Our same-day payment policy ensures you won’t have to wait for days to receive your payment. We process the payment when we collect your car, or you can deliver it to us for quick compensation.

Car Breakers and Kent Scrap Yard

Yes, we are both car breakers and operate as a Kent scrap yard. Apart from dealing with scrap metal and scrap cars, we sell car and van spare parts, as well as a wide range of used car batteries. At our Kent facility, we handle the collection, depollution, crushing, and recycling of scrap cars and metal.

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