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Search our UK scrap directory. We display dealers on maps making it easy for you to find a Scrappie near you & nationwide. Whether you’re selling scrap vehicles, scrap metal, catalytic converters or buying used motor spares and hiring skips, Scrappie can help.

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Find Trusted Scrap Car Buyers, Catalytic Converter Buyers, Scrap Metal Buyers, Skip Hire Companies, and Used Car Part Sellers on Our Directory Maps.

Welcome to our comprehensive directory showcasing a diverse range of trusted members in the automotive and recycling industry. Whether you’re looking to sell your scrap car, catalytic converter, or scrap metal, hire a skip for waste management, or buy used car parts, our platform connects you with reputable businesses near you. Explore the options and discover how our directory can simplify your search while ensuring a seamless and eco-friendly experience.

Scrap Car Buyers

If you have an old, damaged, or unwanted vehicle taking up space, our directory features a network of scrap car buyers ready to provide competitive offers. Choose from our verified members to turn your scrap car into cash responsibly and efficiently.

Catalytic Converter Buyers

Catalytic converters contain valuable precious metals and are in high demand. Our members specialize in purchasing used catalytic converters, ensuring proper recycling and eco-friendly disposal while offering you a fair price.

Scrap Metal Buyers

Whether you have a collection of scrap metal or a single load to sell, our directory connects you with scrap metal buyers who adhere to environmentally responsible practices. Get competitive rates for your scrap metal and contribute to sustainable recycling efforts.

Skip Hire Companies

For your waste management and disposal needs, our directory features skip hire companies offering a wide range of skip sizes to suit your project. Whether it’s for household cleanups, construction sites, or commercial purposes, find reliable skip hire services near you.

Used Car Part Sellers

If you’re looking for affordable and reliable used car parts, our directory showcases businesses specializing in selling high-quality, pre-owned auto parts. Save money and reduce your environmental footprint by opting for recycled car components.

Why Choose Our Scrap Directory?

Verified and Trusted Members

We carefully vet and verify all our directory members to ensure they meet the highest industry standards for quality and reliability.

User-Friendly Interface

Our user-friendly map interface makes it easy to locate businesses in your area, providing convenient access to a wide range of automotive services.

Eco-Friendly Solutions

Many of our members prioritise environmentally responsible practices, contributing to a cleaner and greener planet.

Competitive Pricing

Whether you’re buying or selling, our directory members offer competitive prices to maximise your value.

Convenient Search

Search by location, service type, and more to find the perfect automotive or recycling solution for your needs.

Explore our directory map and start connecting with trusted scrap car buyers, catalytic converter buyers, scrap metal buyers, skip hire companies, and used car part sellers near you. Simplify your automotive and recycling endeavors while making environmentally conscious choices with our trusted members.